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About us

        We are pleased to present to you Internet - based company INFOPAP - a comprehensive source of information on the Polish paper and printing industry.

        Thanks to our wide knowledge of local market conditions we are able to offer you professional advice on all the maters of the sector that may be of interest to you. Our wide range of services is directed to the companies from all over the world who operate in the paper and printing industry.

        Our roots spring from a long-term cooperation with significant distributor of pulp and manifold kinds of paper in Poland - company called IMPAP, founded in 1991. Five years later that company joined the biggest paper producer in the world - INTERNATIONAL PAPER. Having merged with Europapier, Europapier-Impap is one of the main distributors of paper in the country.

        In 2001, taking advantage of the industrial know-how and diverse contacts to major paper producers and consumers, Chief Executive Officer of IMPAP - Jerzy Malmur, created INFOPAP. The company's development has been very dynamic and nowadays it cooperates with leading paper companies on the Polish market such as International Paper, Kimberly-Clark, Intercell, Europapier-Impap, as well as with other companies like Agfa and Scorpio . INFOPAP focuses on providing most up-to-date information about the Polish paper and printing market, including above all:

  • pulp and paper prices,
  • dates of business fairs,
  • terms and conditions of public auctions,
  • information about any organisation or product from the sector,
  • substantial data base containing contacts to a few thousand Polish companies from the industry.
        All this information could help to introduce and strengthen the presence of your product or service on our market. Finally, we can provide you with the consultancy on all the issues of the Polish paper market and on the new possibilities of European grants for companies investing in Poland.

        We hope you will find interest in the service offered by INFOPAP. Our priority is to satisfy customers, meet their expectations and anticipate their needs. We truly believe that our future cooperation would be very beneficial and promote your business on the Polish market.

        Please feel invited to browse through our website. In case of any questions, contact us under infopap@infopap.pl.

Editorial staff of Infopap

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